Your home is probably the single biggest investment you’ll make. Bug Thumpers will help you to protect it by performing a thorough inspection.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing your home, you will more than likely need a (WDI) Wood Destroying Insect report

What is a WDI Inspection?

Wood Destroying Insect reports in Missouri are performed by an experienced and licensed Pest Control Company. There are many types of Wood Destroying Insects, but subterranean termites  are the most common, and cause the most damage. Subterranean termites are estimated to cause $5 billion dollars in damage to structures in the United States every year!

The report will determine if there is any visible evidence of a past or present wood destroying insect infestation, or if there is activity of wood destroying insects, and recommend treatment for active infestations.

In addition the report may show carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood destroying beetles, evidence if past infestations have been treated or not, and inspections of detached buildings and other wooden structures on the property, such as detached garages, sheds, and wooden playground equipment.

WDI inspections are often required by banks, mortgage companies and refinance companies.

The purpose of an inspection is to protect you, the lender, and any guarantor (such as FHA & VA) from unknowingly closing a deal on a home that has a termite or other WDI problem.

A WDI report should have clearly marked any visible evidence of wood destroying insect infestation such as subterranean termite damage, shelter tubes, exit holes, live or dead insects, frass, bore holes, nests, or evidence of previous treatments for termites.

If it is found that there is a problem at the property, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the deal falls through. It just means that the problem needs to be corrected, or the sale price adjusted accordingly to reflect the cost of correction. As the buyer, a thorough inspection is always in your best interest to protect your home.

A WDI inspection in Missouri covers only accessible areas. Areas where evidence or damage is hidden are not included in the report and will be noted as such. Inaccessible areas might include crawlspaces that do not have an access, or parts of crawlspaces that may be too low for access, or crawlspaces that are blocked or sealed. It also means that areas behind a fixed wall and ceiling covering such as drywall are inaccessible to the inspector.

We offer FHA, VA, and conventional termite reports according to current Missouri & NPMA standards.

Why Choose Bug Thumpers to Perform Your Inspection?

Many inspection companies primary goal is to sell you an expensive termite treatment, whether you need or not. Our goal is to provide you knowledge on the current condition of your new property by a very thorough inspection.

We are certified and insured. Being certified in Missouri means that you have the proper experience and knowledge. Many traditional home inspectors are not certified to inspect for WDI because it takes years of training under a previous WDI certified inspector to qualify. Our number one goal is to protect you to make sure there are no problems, and that previous problems have been properly treated.

We understand how stressful it is to buy a new home or property. The last thing you want is to have an inspector holding things up. That is why we are prompt and get the necessary paperwork over to you immediately.