The BEST Service is the RIGHT Service.

An in depth inspection at your first service ensures a pest control plan designed for your specific needs.

With years of knowledge, premium products and quality time at each home, we deliver exceptional service.


We treat with high quality products around your foundation to establish an effective barrier around your home. These products can last from 10-12 weeks around your home to prevent insects from gaining access. We also treat doors, window wells, vents, pipes, and other common entry points.


Our technicians treat around the perimeter of your home with specialized granules. This establishes a no-bug zone and interrupts foraging trails of ants and other insects. Treatment can be applied to lawns, yards and landscaping.


Many companies ignore the eaves of your home, however this is one of the most important areas to treat to be effective against spiders and wasps. This is the most common location for spider webs and wasps nests. Our technicians are equipped with a telescoping brush to sweep out and treat these critical areas. This can significantly reduce spider and wasp populations around your home.


Typically we only need to treat the interior of your home on an initial service. We are extremely effective at keeping insects out of your home following the initial. If you ever need the interior treated on subsequent services, just let us know and we can customize a treatment specific to your needs.


Garages are hot-spots for many bugs – so many hiding places and deep, dark corners to hide in! Bug Thumpers treats these areas for no extra charge and can help eliminate roaches, spiders, ants, crickets, and dozens more pests in the garage!